domingo, 23 de maio de 2010


This is not about friends
It's just about monsters I have to deal with
This is not about lovers
It's a big portion of guilty sinking into my head
This is not about future
It's about the past you've forgotten and what you're doing now
This is not about meanings
It's about silence and feelings
This is not about speeches
It's about kisses and whispers
This is not about changes
I't's about new jorneys and the same ending

This is not about us
It's about me without you

3 comentários:

  1. nossa, João, vc se supera a cada dia...lindo, lindo, lindo...sério

    olha eu usando reticências de novo, heheheh

    tá lindo esse texto, mais uma vez me identifiquei com suas mensagens...

    beijos querido <3

  2. words of paper. words of poison and wine. all the words are bleeding from me and I will think no more.